Deadly Shark Power is a German brand which is the largest selling brand worldwide. Deadly Shark Power range of products includes some tablets and dozens of sprays, including Deadly Shark 14000, Deadly Shark 25000, Deadly Shark 36000 & Deadly Shark 48000.

Advantages & Side Effects:
Deadly Shark Power is an approved quality formula product to stop premature ejaculation & prolong sexual drive. Shark Power Spray is recommended to all those man who faces the problem of premature ejaculation. Shark Power Sprays has different delay timing from 30-45min, according to its power & dosage. This spray is very powerful so, new user should use less dosage. Shark Power is only for external use, with no side effect.
How to Use Deadly Shark Power Spray?
Deadly Shark Power Spray is used just 15minutes before making love. Just Need to Spray on penis 2-3 times, on top of the penis, & center of the penis & than at bottom of penis. Do not over use it will may cause uncomfortable.

All the claims about Deadly Shark Power Spray are based on costumer reviews, Actual results will may vary.