Super Dooz is a German manufacturer. The brand is known for manufacturer men timing creams, tablets & sprays. The headquarters of Super Dooz is in Germany.

Advantages & Side Effects:
Super Dooz Sprays are specially designed to help man to have longer sex drive. Super Dooz increases man staying power and improves ejaculation with no side effect. Super Dooz Spray is best desensitizing spray for man to help improve sexual life. There are more than 4 men timing dooz spray model available in market with different power & manufacturing formula.
Super Dooz 34000, Super Dooz 44000, & Super Dooz 54000.
How to Use Super Super Dooz Sprays?
Super Dooz Spray is for external use only & it’s easy to use. Just spray 15min before intercourse, spray on the head of the penis 2 times & you will be ready after 15 minutes.
All results are based on costumer reviews & delay time results may vary from man to man.